Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Motorcycles, Part II...

Well, after talking with Cathy for a while today, I've decided that I'm probably just going to keep my Ninja 250.

She had a pretty good idea...why not just make the Ninja a bit more into what we need it to be??

So I'm probably going to be getting some nice luggage for it in the coming months, so that we'll be ready for spring of next year.

I'm looking into getting some Cortech Sport style saddlebags, and a much larger tank bag. The tank bag that I've got right now is pretty nice, but it's more for quick trips to return DVDs or whatever than actually storing anything of any adequate size in it.

Those three items will cover us as far as storage space goes...then I'm going to add a one tooth larger front sprocket to the bike to increase it's top end a tad bit at highway speeds. This will make it cruise at a lower RPM and increase it's gas mileage.

Those few additions should be enough to make the Baby Ninja a pretty adequate commuting/small touring bike!!!

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