Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bad Company...

I've been looking for a military type online shooter lately. I still love "Left 4 Dead 2," but I wanted something that was people with guns against people with guns.

Out of nowhere came "Battlefield Bad Company 2." I never played the first one, but I had been playing "Battlefield 1943" on Xbox Live for a while before "Left 4 Dead 2" came out.

So I decided today to go and pick up "Bad Company 2."

Man, I'm glad I did. I didn't even try the single player campaign, which is supposed to be quite good. Instead, I jumped right into the multiplayer and was having a blast. It's got GIANT maps...12 on 12...helicopters, tanks, Hummers, boats, jet-skis, quads...it's got four different character classes, and you can choose between them any time you end up dead.

It's a fantastic online experience, and it's challenging. My kill-death ratio is hovering just above 1...which means I die nearly every time I kill someone...however, I was trying to do some things tonight instead of killing to get some things accomplished for my team. Some kamikaze bomb plants, some flying a helicopter while others were gunning and getting kills.

I'm thinking this one is going to spend a LOT of time in my Xbox...

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