Monday, March 22, 2010

New Glasses!!!

It's been a good six years or so since I got my last set of new glasses.

I was on the Sears website and noticed that they had a deal going on glasses. Two frames with lenses for $99.

So Cathy and I took the afternoon off today and headed to Sears. I needed an eye exam as well, so we made sure that I could get in for one of those.

When we first got there we were looking around and the frames that they said were on sale and I didn't really find any that I liked. So we decided that we would just get me one pair that was not on sale...because I needed some new ones.

I ended up going in for my eye exam, and I found out that I needed a new prescription. When I got done with the eye exam, I came out to pick out the frames that I wanted and the lady showed me some other frames that were on sale that she had forgot to mention before. I found two of those that I liked quite a bit. They are pretty similar, but slightly different colors. One is just black, the other is kind of a greenish-black color. It's hard to describe.

I ended up picking out those two frames. The total cost of the two frames and the eye exam was $148. Not too bad. I think I'm going to take my old glasses and try to find some way to tint them so that I can have a pair of sunglasses.

The new pairs should be here in about two weeks.

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