Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Went Ahead and Finished...

I went ahead and finished the garage off tonight.

I still don't have enough room in the trash to throw the last few things out, but I went ahead and rearranged the tools so that they are easier to get to and easier to keep organized.

I actually had some concerns about the shelf that I was putting the tools on. It's right over my car's hood, and I don't know how strong it I decided to go and get myself a new toolbox. This one is lighter and bigger...and it will actually go on the floor underneath the shelves. That will free up the space on that shelf for things like my drills and other power tools...instead of all of my normal hand tools.

The box that I got is on wheels and is a good size. It's easy to move about and it holds all of my tools excellently. This is it right here, it's a Stanley tool box.
This means that I currently have a metal Craftsman toolbox that I no longer have any use for. The top of it is pretty mashed up, and doesn't really close very well. However, it still has some nice working drawers. I will probably call my dad and see if he wants it. I'd rather someone that can use it take it than throw it away.

But, I'm happy I got a couple of chores out of the way today. Both the garage and the shed look great!!! Not only do they look great, they are much easier to get around in now. I can easily get to everything in the shed and the garage with no issues at all now.

Now, what project will I tackle next??

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Doug said...

You can always come down here and clean out my garage...