Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Did It...

...and it only took about 2 hours.

I completely gutted the shed. I literally took everything out of it.

There was an old croquet set in there. There was what appeared to be some kind of ancient water pressure machine...something that would hook to a hose and make more pressure than the spigot is putting out. Not a power washer, though. There were two old hedge trimmers. An old weed wacker.

I got everything out of there and put some of it behind the shed and a lot of it my garbage container. I then got to work on the garage.

I pretty much gutted the garage, as well. I threw away a TON of stuff from the garage. So much stuff that my garbage bin is now full...and won't get picked up for a whole week. I actually ended up having to leave a few things IN the garage that I WANT to throw away, only because there literally was no room left in the trash. I'll have to wait and throw those couple of things out next Tuesday. It's only a couple of boxes.

I got my tools up on the wall. Going through those will be a job in an of itself, so probably in a week or so I'll go through and throw away anything that's in those tool boxes that I don't need or want. I know that I have about 50 of every size socket and about 30 screw drivers that are all the same size. I would not be able to find what I needed and go out and buy another one, then find all the ones that were the same later. So I probably have a good amount of tools that can just be pitched. But that will be for another day.

After getting the garage gutted, I started taking things to the shed. I took the snowblower out there, the snow shovels, all the other lawn tools, my motorcycle stands, my bike rack, the power washer, the air compressor, the hedge trimmer, and some other random things. I got them all on the shelf in the shed and everything looks really nice.

So, those are two tasks off of my To-Do list that are now done. The only things really left from these two tasks are the last couple pieces of trash from the garage and straightening out my tools. Those are two things that won't take very long and should be easy to do...

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