Sunday, March 28, 2010


Cathy and I have been watching wrestling on Monday nights lately. Mainly because there isn't really anything else on. It's been pretty entertaining.

Tonight is Wrestlemania 26. We were invited to watch it at a coworkers house, and we were planning on going. For whatever reason, though, we didn't. Probably because I don't really enjoy going out after work. Our work day is long enough with the 45 mile drive each way. I also didn't want the dogs to be in their crates for like 14 hours.

So we got home from work, turned on the TV, and went ahead and ordered the pay per view.

Of course, it was more than half over...but luckily it repeats immediately after the live show, so our plan is to watch the second half of the event then DVR the first half when it is repeated.

It is a pretty expensive event...and unfortunately we didn't find the HD version of it until after we had already ordered the normal one, so we are watching it in standard definition, which isn't nearly as nice looking as wrestling in HD.

It's been pretty entertaining so far. I've never watched a Wrestlemania before...I've had some wrestling PPVs in the past, but never the "Big One." So it's a fun thing to be watching right now.

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