Friday, March 26, 2010


I like Mojitos.

I mean, I REALLY like Mojitos. They are probably my favorite alcoholic drink of any kind. The ingredients in them make it virtually impossible to actually taste the rum that's in them. This, in turn, makes it so that you can drink several of them without really even realizing that you are drinking alcohol.

Well, I have had drinks that I liked before. Whenever I tried to recreate them at home, however, I never ended up having any luck. They never tasted as good as they did at the place that I got them at. A perfect example of this is the apple martini. I had a SUPERB apple martini at a bar in the Luxor Hotel and Casino is Las Vegas. When I got home, I tried for weeks to recreate it...and never even came close. In fact, I actually gave up on them and don't really even like apple martinis any more.

The other night, however, I started experimenting with a Mojito. I found a couple of recipes for them, and tried each one. They were both pretty good. The first one had me muddle a half a lime in the glass. The second one had me juice a whole lime and just use the juice. The problem was, the first one seemed hard to get mixed up because in the glass with half the lime there wasn't much room to get any stirring or mixing going once I had everything in the glass. The second one, on the other hand, seemed like it was just a BIT too "lime-y" if that's a word.

So I ended up modifying the first recipe just slightly, and came up with absolute perfection!!!! It's basically just the Classic Bacardi Mojito recipe, but instead of muddling half of the lime in the glass, I juice half a lime and use that.

I also found out that the key to the whole thing was filling the glass entirely with ice before adding the rum and the club soda. If you don't add the ice, the whole thing doesn't seem to work. However, with the ice, it quickly tasted just like I thought a Mojito should taste.

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