Monday, March 1, 2010

Getting a New Longboard...

I am getting back into the spirit of getting out on the board...some more land paddling will be done this spring and summer.

I found a GREAT paved trail in my area. Over 10 miles of completely flat paved trail, following an old abandoned railroad line.

Well, I've got two boards...a 40" pintail and my 48" surfboarder...but I want something that's more in between. I want a pintail that is a bit longer than 40".

So I was checking out the site that I got the other two from,, and I found exactly what I'm looking for!!

It's a 46" bamboo inlayed pintail. It's absolutely gorgeous and it's just the size board I'm looking for.

Best part is, I e-mailed Dave, the owner of the company and asked him how much it would cost to upgrade to the larger size wheels that I want on the board...and he got back with me and let me know that in order for them to fit I'd have to get different trucks on the board. He mentioned that if I upgrade the trucks for $15 (they are normally more than that) he would throw in the better wheels (which are twice as much as the ones that are on the board now) for free because I've been a repeat customer!!! Awesome!!!

1 comment:

Doug said...

OK, I have to ask...

What's the difference, other than size (as if that ever matters).

Is one easier to handle than the other?