Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mower Arrived!!!

Sears called on Monday night to let us know the delivery window for the mower was between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM. Not really a bad window, if you ask me. The other couple of times I've gotten delivery windows given to me, it seems like they were "Your new dryer will arrive between 11:00 AM on July 8th 2005 and 6:00 PM on May 17th 2007."

Well, they arrived at 11:41. I had gotten up around 10:30 to go get the old Toro out of the shed. That proved to be a bit of a task. The transmission was stuck so it wouldn't roll anywhere. I had to push it out of the shed basically like you would push a car with it's brakes stuck in the activated position. I was able to get it out a few feet, then lift it up and drop it on it's side in order to get it over the hump at the entrance to the shed. I then grabbed Cathy's car and hooked a chain around the darn thing and just dragged it out to the driveway.

Of course, the stuck transmission made it a bit of a pain for them to load the old one into the truck. They basically had to just yank on the thing for a while and it finally disengaged so that they could get it into their truck. The whole process took about 20 minutes.

I then headed up to the gas station to fill a gas can up and brought it home to make sure the mower started. It started RIGHT up. It's got an electric start which is nice and easy. I rode it around for a few minutes in the yard to get used to the gas and brake on it. I then took it into the back yard and engaged the mower blades so that I could see how well it cut.

It cut the grass really well...and it chopped up the leaves that were left on the ground from last fall really well.

The only problem is it doesn't have a mulching attachment...yet. I ended up buying one of those from Sears this afternoon. I'll have to see what is necessary to install it, because I think it might come with different blades. If it does, I don't know how comfortable I am changing the blades on the mower. Either way, it should be here next week so I'll go and pick it up then.

All in all, I'm really happy with the purchase. It works great and will make mowing so much easier for me. I look forward to using it this summer.

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