Thursday, March 25, 2010

Extra Money

So today at work, there is supposedly a charter flight leaving after we normally go home.

Apparently they have decided that everyone that is scheduled to work will have to work two extra hours for overtime.

I'm not really happy about the way that it was handled, but the extra money is going to be nice. Why am I not happy about the way it was handled??

Well, a few months ago we supposedly had a charter flight that was leaving at 11:00 PM. Three hours after we are normally scheduled to get out of work. Instead of giving our shift three hours of OT, or trying to find volunteers to come in and work, they decided to move our shift back an hour and a half, give the morning shift 1.5 hours of overtime and give us 1.5 hours of overtime.

All of this was done, and nobody ever bothered to find out exactly what time the flight was scheduled to depart. Turns out it was 11:00 zulu time, which is what the time used for air traffic control is, and the plane actually left at about 6:00 PM. So we all sat around for a good hour and a half after our normal time to go home for no reason...and didn't even end up getting any overtime out of the deal.

After that the answer that we were given about how the next late charter flight would be handled was "We'll try harder to make sure something works better." Well, they didn't really seem to do anything to try and find a better way to handle it. That's what upsets me. I wish they would have taken this opportunity to try to find a plan that worked better for everyone involved...people who WANT to work overtime and people who don't want to work it.

Oh well, extra money is extra money, I guess. I don't particularly like staying for overtime, but I guess if it's going to be a couple of hours it's actually worth it.

I just hope that eventually they can find a solution that works for everyone and still manages to make sure we have adequate coverage to handle the flight.

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