Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Clothes...

When we were in Las Vegas, one night we were planning on going to the bar to hang out.

I had worn my one nice shirt that I took with us to the bar the night before, so I wanted to pick out a new shirt to wear that night. I ended up going into the Quiksilver store that is in the Miracle Mile Shops in the Planet Hollywood hotel.

I ended up getting a button up short sleeved shirt with a t-shirt to go underneath it. I had never purchased anything from Quiksilver before, but I really liked the way that the stuff looked...and it didn't cost too much, either.

Quiksilver is a company that makes clothing for surfers or skateboarders. The stuff has a really laid back casual look, but at the same time is stylish and fun.

Since buying the stuff in Las Vegas, I have been scouring Ebay for deals on clothes by Quiksilver. I have never purchased a used piece of clothing before two weeks ago, but I bought some from a guy in Hawai'i.

I got two $40 shirts for a total of $7 shipped. I then bought a Quiksilver backpack to wear while I longboard. I ended up buying a hat off of Ebay that was new with tags. It would have cost $30 plus shipping new, but I got it for $15 total. I got another shirt off of Ebay for $15 shipped. I got another brand new one off of Ebay, with tags, that retails at $50 for $15.

So all in all, I now have five total short sleeved button up Quiksilver shirts, a nice black hat, and a pretty nice backpack. I also asked Cathy for two other hats for my birthday, and she said she got me something else from their website. I'm not sure what it is, so I'm excited to see what it is!!!

I haven't bought this many articles of clothing in YEARS. I generally wear just t-shirts and jeans, or t-shirts and shorts. I'm enjoying picking out some new items. I like the way they look and it makes me feel a bit more stylish.

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