Monday, March 15, 2010

New Days Off...

So the dreaded shift bid has finally arrived at work.

I say dreaded because EVERY six months when there's a shift bid, EVERYBODY is on edge for the month or so that it's in the process of being created, bid on, and implemented. They can't ever seem to just have a schedule stay the same from one six month period to the next, so every time people are worried about getting bumped to another shift, getting days off that they don't want, or just getting generally something horrible.

So Cathy and I have had Tuesdays and Wednesdays off on the PM shift for the last six months. It's actually been a pretty good set of days. Stores aren't too busy on them, restaurants are easy to get into, and it's just generally not busy if we have to go anywhere. So we were hoping to be able to just get those same days off and just be good to go.

Instead, we ended up with Wednesday and Thursday off. Close enough, I guess. It just seems kind of silly that we have to move our days off around by ONE day. Oh well, at least we get to stay on the shift that we like...because it seems like several of our shift workers are going to be getting bumped to the early AM shift.

Oh well...maybe it will be better the NEXT shift if I haven't said that every six months for nearly eight years now!!!

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