Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Gonna Do It...


I'm going to go out and get a few things taken care of on my To-Do List.

I'm going to clean out the garage and clean out the shed. I figure that whatever is IN the shed that I want to get rid of, for the time being I will just stash behind the shed.

It shouldn't take too long, I don't think, and it will make a lot more room in the garage and the shed will be a lot nicer to use.

I have found a way that will work excellently for me to get the mulch/wood chips for the circle garden project. My boss at work was mentioning that you can rent a pickup truck from Home Depot and use it to haul stuff around. So I'll go rent one of those and then use it to pick up a load of mulch from the landscape place I found near our house. I'll then bring that mulch to the house and drop it off back near the circle garden. I'll be able to use it for the circle garden then, and the left over mulch I can cart up to the house and fill in spots around the house that need new mulch.

Then, after I drop the mulch off at the house...I can use the pickup truck to take the stuff that I'm taking out of the garage and the shed and drop it off at the trash disposal place!!!

So, I'll move the stuff out of the garage and into the shed...and I'll move the stuff out of the shed to behind the shed. Then in a couple of weeks I'll get that truck and go drop off the stuff that's behind the shed at the dump.

Either way, I'll end up getting two of the things off of my To-Do List done...and hopefully that will be enough to jump start me towards getting the entire thing done!!!!

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