Thursday, March 25, 2010

No Overtime After All...

Tonight we were asked if we wanted to actually stay for the overtime, and both Cathy and I said no.

As it turns out, a couple of people WANTED to stay that weren't going to be allowed to. I guess our manager decided that if there were some people that DID want to stay and some others that did NOT want to stay, why not let the people who wanted the overtime stay and let the people that wanted to leave go??

So Cathy and I got to go home at our normal scheduled time, and the couple of people that wanted the overtime were able to stay.

I'm glad we were able to leave, but I would still like to see the overall situation addressed and hopefully a formal policy put in place. I discussed this with our managers today and was told that something was being worked on so that this wouldn't be an issue in the future.

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