Thursday, March 4, 2010


So, a few weeks ago, on February 14th...I made a post about being tired of being generally unhealthy.

Well, here's a quick update to that.

On that day, I said that I wanted to cut back on drinking soda.

Since that day, I have had only ONE regular soda. That was a Mexican Coke while at the Coke Store in Las Vegas. I am down to about two cans of diet soda a day, and I'm pretty sure that I could cut that out at any time if I wanted to. I went about four days without any and had no adverse reactions, so I considered myself broken of the addiction to soda. I started drinking the diet because it was a better choice in Vegas than drinking juice and things like that, because it was less expensive.

So that's one level of success.

I had said that I wanted to cut back on junk food.

Since that day, I have been replacing things like candy and cookies with different fruits. I have been eating mixed fruit bowls, apples, and bananas regularly. I have also started eating more healthy meals, and I've been trying to have a real breakfast (albeit just cereal) in the morning on work days. I've also started taking vitamins and a fiber supplement to make sure I'm getting enough fiber.

So that's another level of success.

I haven't really started the exercising. The trip to Vegas was exercise enough, and since then I've been pretty tired. I have, however, started getting things ready for the spring and my paddle boarding. I found a great trail near the house to paddle on, and I'll be ordering a new board in just a few days.

So that's not quite a whole level of success, but it's getting close.

All in all, I feel quite a bit better about myself even in just this short time. I feel like I'm sleeping better and that I have more energy. My stomach hasn't been bothering me nearly as much, and I just feel all around "good" right now. I'm sure once the weather gets better and I start exercising a bit more, it will just keep getting better.

I'm not going to lie...I have had a few times where I REALLY wanted a fountain soda or something like that...and I HAVE had a few lemonade drinks that were still loaded with calories...but all in all I've really cut back on things like that.

Hopefully I can keep going.