Friday, March 25, 2011

3DS on the Way...

I've been keeping up with the 3DS game reviews, and all of them are getting pretty solid marks.

That prompted me to go ahead and get a 3DS ordered for myself. I went with the black one because Cathy is getting the blue one. Should be here in about a week.

Then I'll have to go get a game or two. Right now I'm thinking Street Fighter IV 3D. It's got great reviews and looks like it's a pretty cool game.

Of course there is always Pilotwings Resort, as well, which is the game that we actually played at Best Buy. I thought it seemed really cool, and the reviews are saying it's pretty fun.

I'm a bit disappointed that the games are now up to $40 for this handheld, but I guess that's something that should be expected when the device actually costs more than Nintendo's Wii console.

I'm really excited about getting it. I'm hoping that they continue to have awesome games for it just like they have for the DS. It really does address every issue I had with the last set of handhelds. The analog control stick is what I liked about the PSP, but the game library is what I liked about the DS. The 3DS looks like it's taken the best of both of those and shoved them into one awesome device.

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