Saturday, March 12, 2011

Beach Cruiser Update 5...

Today the other tire for the Beach Cruiser showed up. I got it installed on the wheel and got the wheel on the bike this evening.

I ended up removing the fenders, even after spending all that time getting the front one to work. The back one was rubbing pretty bad, too, so I figured to just remove them both. Maybe I'll think about going with another solution one of these days, but for the time being I really like the way it turned out.

Here's a picture. The flash really emphasizes the reflective stripes on the Fat Frank tires.

I also took a quick video of the bike, but the quality is really horrible. I'll post it here anyways, but I'll definitely be getting another video of the bike when it's light out and not so cold.

So far I am still loving this thing. It's been great fun putting it all together. I'm actually kind of sad that I'm running out of things to do to it. I'll get some new pedals, probably find a fender solution (maybe some of those wooden ones, but in the "half" size that only goes from the top of the tire to the seat post, and I've got the cup holder on the way. But after that, there won't be much else to do to it other than maybe a new custom chain. Either way, most of it is already done.

One thing I learned, though...doing this is easy, fun, and quite a bit less expensive that working on motorcycles. It's also easy to drag a bicycle into the basement to work on it indoors when the weather isn't cooperating. Try doing that with a motorcycle. So what does all of this mean?? Maybe I will start building something different after I'm completely done with this one. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be selling the Bianche road bike this summer, so maybe I'll put a lowered/stretched beach cruiser in it's place in the garage. I also have an old three speed woman's bicycle in the shed that could probably be a great place to start working on another Beach Cruiser. Either way, it was great fun and not a ton of maybe I'll do one, but maybe I won't.

I've always wanted a Beach Cruiser...and now I've got a proper one.

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