Thursday, March 24, 2011

Summer of the Tablet...

So it looks like this summer is going to be the launching point for a tablet revolution.

Tablets from major companies like Motorola, Samsung, and LG are all primed for trying to grab their share of the iPad market.

It started with the Xoom, which has been getting pretty good reviews since it released earlier this month.

In June, however, there are a slew of them coming out. Starting with the next versions of Samsung's Galaxy Tabs in 8.9 and 10.1 inch versions. Both of those will be running Android 3.0 which is Google's tablet specific OS.

After that, the LG Slate will release which boasts two cameras on the back that can take 3D video.

It seems that every manufacture out there wants to get in on this tablet business, as you can see in this link.

I don't know whether tablets will be the wave of the future or not. I certainly like mine. It works pretty well and provides a fairly streamlined experience for checking e-mail and surfing the web. I doubt they'll replace laptops as most people's portable computing preference, but I could definitely see them putting a dent in the "netbook" market. It seems most people that have a Netbook are using it primarily for web browsing and e-mail, which is what these tablets will probably excell at, but the tablets will be smaller in form and will have the added benefit of faster boot times and ease of use.

For me, the tablets offer a new platform for games. I like my Archos A7o, but I am kind of wondering if I should have waited to get one until all of these Android 3.0 devices started coming out. Supposedly this summer Archos is supposed to release several 3.0 devices, so maybe when those come out I'll take a serious look at upgrading.

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