Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Bike Project...

So, I mentioned that there was an old bike out in the shed that could be a good project to work on once I got my Beach Cruiser done. I went out and checked it out and it seems like a solid start.

It's a Huffy Regatta. I'm probably going to do about the same types of things that I did to my bike to it. New seat, bars, grips, and tires. I might just end up putting the wheels that I took off of my old Murray onto it. The wheels on it are REALLY rusted out, so the ones that came off of the Murray will be an instant improvement.

The Regatta is a three speed, so putting the other wheels on it will make it into just a single speed, but that's alright because then I can lose most of that cabling and have the bike look quite a bit cleaner.

Right now I'm thinking of going with a Nirve Paul Frank Julius seat, Paul Frank grips, and Nirve Clean Sweep bars.

Here's a picture of the bike as it is right now.

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