Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Tournament Ever???

So I've been watching quite a bit of this March Madness...and I have to say, it truly has been madness this year.

After the Final Four was set, with VCU, Butler, Kentucky, and UConn, I was reading on that they had over 6 MILLION brackets filled out...and how many of them had these four teams picked??


Two out of six million people managed to pick these four teams, and I have to imagine that they were some kind of odd picks, not really people thinking these would be the teams.

This is also the first time ever that zero #1 or #2 seeds have made the Final Four. It is also, by far, the highest total seeding for any Final Four ever.

I had one team picked in my bracket, and that was UConn. I had Kansas picked to win it all, but even I have to say that today I was pulling for VCU.

I would like to see Butler or VCU win it. Butler probably has a pretty good chance. After going to the National Final last year, they know what it takes to win.

Overall, though, I think it's been the best tournament in a LOOOOONG time. All kinds of great games. Exactly what March Madness is supposed to be about.

Now...tell me again...why does NCAA Division IA football not have a tournament???

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