Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Nice Day...

...of the year!!!

It's currently 53 degrees and sunny outside!!! It's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow, but then it's supposed to rain in the evening. That's alright, though, I would rather it be 63 and rainy than 30 and not rainy.

I got up today and quickly did some work on the house. The other day when I was snapping the shots of the Huffy bicycle from the shed, I noticed that a part of our siding had fallen off of the house over the winter. It probably got blown off a couple of weeks ago when we had the really bad wind. So I got some nails, my hammer, and climbed up onto the roof and got the siding back on. I didn't do the best job in the world...but hey, I've never tried to hang siding on the eave of a house while sitting on the roof. So even though it's not the best, it's still a helluva lot better than it was.

I think tonight we're going to fire up the grill and use that.

Man, I love it when it starts to get nice outside!!!

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