Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cooper Had An Episode...

Tonight Cooper had an episode. I'm not sure if it was two different seizures or one really long one. It lasted a good long while, but in the middle he seemed to snap out of it and was fine, but then went right back to acting odd.

He's laying next to me in the chair sound asleep right now, which is usually what he does when he's done having them for the time being.

This is the first time he's had one, that we know of, since December of 2009. So it's been a good long time since he had one. Of course, it's possible that he has them sometimes at night or during the day in his crate, but he's usually so tired after they happen that I'm sure we would have noticed it.

I'm really only mentioning this because a long time ago when I took him to the vet for this and all his test came back clean, the vet told me to keep a log of when they happened so that if they became more frequent we would have a record of them.

I'm glad he's okay, though. It's pretty scary when he starts having them.

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