Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dinner with Friends...

Tonight Cathy and I went to our friend Becky's house for dinner. She had been trying to get a bunch of the people that went to UFC together to hang out, so she cooked some really awesome bourbon turkey and a bunch of other fixings and had us all over to her house.

It was really fun. They've got a pretty awesome game room in the basement with air hockey, pool, darts, and a bunch of other stuff to do. I played some games of pool and a few games of air hockey and had a good time.

Cathy didn't really want to go, because we've been spending so much spare time in Lansing lately, but after we were done I think she was glad that she went.

I would like to eventually have friends come down to our house for dinner, but we'd have to do some MASSIVE cleaning before we did that.

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