Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hawai'i...Here We Come...

...well, almost.

My mom reserved the condo in Hawai'i for March 6th to March 17th 2012. That's less than a year away!!! Now it's time to start SERIOUSLY dreaming about this trip.

Here's a view from the condo.

I seriously can't wait. This summer I'm going to take some stand up paddleboarding lessons or some surfing lessons so that the first thing I do when we get out there is go and look into renting a board for maybe the whole time we're there. That way whenever we don't have anything planned, I can just hit the water. I'm leaning towards stand up paddleboarding for the lessons here in Michigan, but Third Coast Surf Shop's surf lessons are supposed to be pretty good. There are places in Hawai'i to take lessons, and most of them guarantee that you will ride a wave or you get your money back, but if I can get the lessons here and just know how to do it when I get there, then that would be awesome.

Either way, March 6th 2012 can't get here soon enough!!

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