Monday, March 14, 2011

Finally Some GOOD Beach Cruiser Pictures...

Today it was nice and bright out, so I figured it'd be a good chance to get some good pictures of the Beach Cruiser in natural light, instead of with the lights in the house or the flash from the camera.

Here's the bike from the side, what it looks like entirely.

Here's the chain guard on the bike. You can get a good look at the tribal graphics on it and you can see the back wheel and tire a little bit.

Here's the front wheel. You get a good idea of how closely matched the colors of the wheel and tire are here, and you can see the custom valve stem cap that it has on it.

Another picture of the Nirve Switchblade seat. You can see how it says "Nirve" on the back of it in the same design type as the tribal graphics on the top.

Here's a really good close up of the Nirve Switchblade grips and the Crane Suzu bell. You can see how the grips match the seat's design really well with the above picture and this one.

Last but not least is the same photo from the other post. It's the Coo Coo Nuts drink holder, but I like this picture. Shows the handlebars, bell, seat, rear tire, and grips really well, so I figured I'd just post it again.

Last, I got another video of it during the day, so the video is MUCH better quality. You can check it out here.

I have really, REALLY, enjoyed working on this bike. It's coming to an end, though, and I'm a bit sad about that. But I'm sure I'll have fun riding it around. It rides like a dream!!! Nice and smooth!!


Danial123 said...

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aabner58 said...

Adding to the beauty and detial of the dreamcycle,the brown saddle and grips are embossed whith hiniscus graphics,giving it a fun and elegant touch Comfort Bikes.
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