Saturday, July 4, 2009

Devil Sticks...

So the other day Cathy and I stopped at The Toy House. It's one of the largest privately owned toy stores in the country, if not the largest. They have all kinds of really cool stuff in there.

I was browsing the area where they have things like boomerangs and things like that, and something caught my eye. They were called "SpinSticks." I had seen them before, but under a different name...Devil Sticks. I'm assuming that they don't call them Devil Sticks for a mass marketed product because of the word "Devil" in the name. Either way, they are exactly Devil Sticks...and a pretty nice set at that.

This set cost $15 and was covered in a soft rubbery covering that makes it easier to "catch" the stick with the two handheld sticks. I started giving them a try yesterday, and I actually was able to do it pretty easily. I was able to put together a volley of over 50 passes without dropping the stick. I can't do any tricks yet, but I was getting better and better as I continued to just pass it back and forth. I was able to do one complete spin and catch, but then instantly dropped the stick right after that.

Either way, it was a fun way to kill about 30 minutes or so of my time on a nice afternoon. I will continue trying to get better with them and hopefully I'll be able to have a video like the one at the beginning of this post some day!!!

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