Friday, July 10, 2009

So Longboarding...

...has so far been a blast. I haven't gone anywhere other than my neighborhood, but I have a pretty good time going down the small hill that our house sits on. There are two really steep hills right around the corner, but at the bottom of them is a railroad I haven't been willing to try them yet. I have these horrible images of myself hitting the tracks and flying off of the board. Not fun.

But, if you've been following my blog or if you know me at all, I of course have already started planning to upgrade my current equipment. I don't really need to, but it gives me something to do with my spare time. I spend a lot of time on the web looking at reviews and pictures and such of various things out there...and when I find a new hobby that I'm enjoying I figure I might as well spend some time finding new things that I like in my new hobby. I did it with the kayaks before and I still have in mind what kayak I will get when I eventually buy a new one...if I ever do.

So, let me show you a couple of pictures of the boards that I am looking at.

The first is a board called the Fat Daddy by a company called Flexdex. At 60 inches long it's about as long as you can get a longboard...which is what I really am interested in. Big and heavy for cruising. The next deck is a deck by a company called Lonboard Larry. It is called Adam's Old School Dancer. It's 59" long. This is what it looks like.
The primary difference between these two boards is the width. The Old School Dancer is only 8.5" wide, where the Fat Daddy is over 10" wide. I like the idea of the extra width because I feel that on my current 9" wide deck I think my feet are a bit too big.

The other difference is in the overall company. Flexdex seems like a relatively large company that does big business. Longboard Larry on the other hand is a small company that builds all of it's boards by hand after they are ordered. I like the idea of the smaller company, but the bad side of that is the fact that the LBL decks are MUCH more expensive. The Fat Daddy can be purchased as a complete for right around $150 if you get a "blemished" deck. The LBL OSD on the other hand will cost almost $300 in a similar setup.

Both of them get pretty good reviews. I think I like the looks of the OSD a bit better, but the Fat Daddy wins in every other aspect.

Either way, I have some good options for an upgrade!!!

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