Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Got the Big Stick Today...

So when I got home from work the Kahuna Big Stick was waiting for me. The only problem?? It started raining the minute we walked out of work. And it's supposed to continue to rain for the next few days. So I don't know when I'll get a chance to try it out.

However, I can give some initial here goes!!!

First, the shipping was pretty quick. Less than a week to get to me isn't bad, and it didn't cost me anything. So Kahuna Creations gets a good mark in that department.

Second, packaging was nice. I wondered how a 66 inch long "stick" would ship. But they have a nice box that is made obviously for them and it was sealed up nice and tight. Shipping materials were good enough to keep the stick from bouncing around in the box, which is all that's really necessary.

Third, the stick itself. It was slightly different than what I thought I was getting. The handle was different. But that's okay, because it was different in a way that I would have rather had than the stick I ordered. The one I bought had a handle that was basically just a slightly rounded end of the stick. The one I got had the handle that's on the more expensive sticks. It's a T shape that fits into your hand easily. The stick is light weight, but heavy where it feels like it should be...if that makes any sense. Basically, it feels like I think it should. It's well put together and looks GORGEOUS. I can't say enough good things about the stick. Of course, I haven't used it yet...but having it in my hands makes me REALLY want to get out and use it!!!

Fourth, the shirt that I bought. Good quality T-shirt with nice printing on it and a cool design. It's a heavy t-shirt and I think a good value at $14.

Lastly, the extras. The stick came with a catalog of all of the other KC products. Amazing. The quality of the catalog is second to none. It's very nicely put together and is awesome to look at. This catalog alone has basically convinced me that I want to get a KC as my next board. It also came with a few "Kahuna Creations Land Paddler" stickers. Nice additions for no charge.

All in all, so far I think the thing is awesome. I'll post about it again when I get a chance to use it!!

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