Monday, July 20, 2009

Making Yard Work Fun!!!!

To start this posting...this is the 500th post on my blog!!! In the 301 days that my blog has been active, I've hit 500 posts. Not too shabby!!!

Now, on to the real thoughts!!!

So, how do you take a yard full of large weeds and make dealing with them fun??

Simple. You buy one of these!!!!

I had been thinking for a while about getting a nice machete to take on the weeds that had grown in the circle garden out back. They are tall weeds that are hollow in the center, so cutting them down is really easy. But they are also prickly, so grabbing them to cut them down can be a bit of a pain in the butt.

So I found a machete at a local store today for $7. 00. I found it in the camping section, which is right where I thought that it should be.

So when I got home from the store I decided I'd see what it could do. I got it out of it's packaging and started hacking at stuff. I started by hacking at some of the limbs that are hanging a bit low on the tree near the driveway. It took them down in no time. I then decided I'd go ahead and hack away some of the low hanging limbs on the tree on the north side of the house. It did the job with ease. I then worked around to the back to the weeds...

Let's just say that the weeds are literally no match at all for the machete. There are a ton of weeds, though, so the machete does take some work to get them out of the way. I hacked away at them for about 20 minutes or so and got rid of quite a few of them.

The sad part of all of this?? There's still probably about two more hours worth of hacking out there!!! least I found a way of getting rid of them that is a bit fun!!!


Doug said...


BTW - Could you send me a screen shot of how my blog looks on your computer?

It looks OK on mine, my wifes, and my kids, so I'd be interested in seeing the differences.

Thanks for the heads up.

And Congratulations on your 500th!

Doug said...

Since you have reached such a note worthy milestone, I thought it only fitting that you should receive an award!