Friday, July 24, 2009

Used the Big Stick Today...

So it was supposed to storm all day today, but instead it only rained for a few minutes. So I got a chance to give the Kahuna Big Stick a try.

It works exactly like advertised...but man, is it ever a great workout!! I found out relatively quickly that the muscles that are needed to use it need some definite exercise.

The stick helps me keep my balance when going pretty well. I was able to get going pretty quickly with it when on flat land, and it helps go even faster when going downhill. However, going uphill was incredibly difficult, and I found myself having to kick with my foot to go uphills. I'm sure that as I continue to use the stick, I'll get stronger and better at it and maybe be able to use it to go up some hills...but for now I'll pretty much plan on kicking up the hills that I come across.

In my 15 minutes or so using it, I can tell that it works wonderfully. I can tell that it's a great workout. I can tell I'm going to really enjoy it!!

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