Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vacation Day Three: Relaxing, a Tune Up, and Mowing

So today was the third day of our mini vacation. We didn't do an awful lot. It was SUPPOSED to rain today so we set the trip to Detroit back by a day. Instead, it was warm and muggy all day long without a drop of rain. Oh well, it's supposed to be nice tomorrow anyways so we'll make it to Detroit tomorrow.

So basically all we did today was hang out. We got up and then went and did a bit of shopping. We went to Best Buy and the Westwood Mall. Cathy got a DVD set at Best Buy and some makeup at the mall. We then went to Walmart and wandered around there for a bit. I luckily ended up finding some more Pepsi Throwback, so that alone made the trip to Walmart worth it.

On the way back we stopped at Advanced Auto because I wanted to get some new spark plugs for my car. It's been idling a bit funny lately, and I figured I might as well try some new plugs and wires before I spend any other money on it. I figure it needed those anyways. So I got the plugs and the wires and when we got home I threw them in the car. Only took about 15 minutes. The car is idling quite a bit better now, but I still think it might need some work. I'm wondering if I need a new alternator belt, because the electric stuff in the car seems to be taxing the engine quite a bit. Maybe I'll have Jeff at work take a look at it and see what he thinks.

After I got done working on the car we cooked some hot dogs on the grill for dinner and then I went and mowed the back yard. It wasn't too bad, because most of the grass seems like it's dead because it's been so hot and there hasn't been much rain. The grass was hard and brittle and the mower chopped through it with ease, even in the spots where it had grown a bit more.

After mowing I settled in for some "Red Faction" for an hour or so while Cathy played around on the computer.

All in all it was a relaxing and peaceful day. Tomorrow is going to be pretty full. We are going to Detroit to the Star Trek Exhibit at the Science Center and then to Frankenmuth for dinner and to shop in the little shops that they have there. We're going to be leaving at about 9:30 or so in the morning and probably won't get home till pretty late. I don't really know how long we'll be at the Science Center, so we may be back earlier than we're thinking. I'm going to take the camera and the camcorder, so hopefully I'll get some good pics and video to post up!!!

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