Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some Badly Needed Time Off...

So today was the last day that I have to work until next Saturday.

That's right, we have five whole days off. I think it's a perfect time to take the small vacation, too, because things at work had been pretty negative lately and it was really just a good time to not have to go there for a few days.

We aren't really going to do a whole lot of stuff. We are going to go to the Detroit Science Museum and to Frankenmuth on Wednesday. That's really going to be the only "day trip" that we really have planned. We ae also going to do some kayaking. Cathy is going to go and get a life vest in the next day or two so that we can get out and do that. It's supposed to be a pretty nice couple of days, so I think that maybe we'll try to get the kayaking done on Tuesday. We'll just be going to the lake that I've done it at a few times, and probably not going to far out into the lake seeing as it's Cathy's first time in hers.

Other than that, we'll be doing some cleaning up around the house. I have decided that my project is going to be organizing and cleaning the laundry room in the basement. There's a ton of stuff just shoved in there, and it would be nice to be able to get in there and not have to step over things in order to get to the washer or dryer. Cathy is going to be doing some heavy duty cleaning in the bathroom. We've had an exhaust fan in there that hasn't been working very well, so there are a few spots of mildew that she wants to get cleaned up.

Oh yah, I can't forget that I'll also be mowing the lawn. It wouldn't be a vacation without some lawn work, would it?? I MAY...and this is a HUGE may...try to clean out the circle garden in the back. Cathy and I have finally decided what we want to do with that area, and it's pretty much just take all of the plants and weeds out and put down some mulch and turn it into a nice big campfire area. But I don't know if that's something that I really want to tackle on my week off.

So it's probably going to be a pretty good mix of relaxation and work around the house...but it will still be better than going TO work!!!

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