Friday, July 17, 2009

Vacation Day Five: Mini Golf and Some Rain...

So today was, unfortunately, the last day of our vacation. We got up and just hung out for a while. We ended up going out and playing a round of mini golf at our local course. The course is nice...but it's in pretty bad repair. I guess I can see why they only charge $2 per person. It's the kind of mini golf course that if someone that cared bought it they could probably make it pretty nice for not much money...but that's another post I would guess.

After we did the mini golf we ran to the store to get some things for around the house after we get back to work. It started to rain just a little bit while we were in the store, which gave us a good excuse to do...well...nothing!!

We ended up going out for some hamburgers for dinner. After that we came home and watched some TV shows on the DVR. Pretty much, all day long we did a whole lot of nothing.

If you ask me, it was the perfect ending to our vacation!!!!

Now, there's only 52 days until Las Vegas!!!!

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