Thursday, July 9, 2009


So there is one game in the history of video games that changed the way that I played...forever.

Was it "Goldeneye" on the Nintendo 64?? Excellent multiplayer, but no.
Was it the sequel to that game, "Perfect Dark" on the Nintendo 64 as well?? Again, excellent game, but no.
Was it the "Halo" series?? One of my favorites, but again, no.

What game could it be, you ask??

The game that changed games for me forever was "Mechwarrior 3" on the PC. I got the game in 2000 and instantly installed it onto my PC. It worked pretty well on my PC and it was a fun game. But then something happened...something that made it more than just a game...

...I found out that you could go onto the internet and play this game with other people all over the world. I tried it, and forever games were changed for me. No more would sitting next to another person on the couch trying to play on a TV screen that's been split in half be sufficient. No more would playing games alone be sufficient. No, this game introduced me to the wonderful world of online gaming, and in a single statement, it is the most influential game that I have ever played. No other game has ever literally changed the way that I view video games the way that "Mechwarrior 3" did.

Now, you may be wondering what this is all about...and that's what I'll get to right now. In exactly 20 minutes, IGN is going to be releasing the world exclusive trailer for the newest Mechwarrior game..."Mechwarrior 5." See, I played "MW4," but it wasn't nearly as huge for me as "MW3" was because my PC wasn't really up to the task...but this "MW5" announcement has really got my interest, because we just happen to have a brand new gaming PC sitting in this house that's just begging to be run it's hardest while a modified Thor armor slams railgun rounds through the cockpit of a MadCat.

I'm actually extremely excited about this announcement...I have always wanted another "MW" game, and it's finally going to happen. You may wonder why this is so exciting...well, a few years back Microsoft bought the company responsible for the Mech games, FASA. After a few years and a few pretty good games, something happened and the partnership disolved. When that happened, FASA effectively ceased to exist, and the game licenses that it had were kind of lost in the rubble of the partnership falling apart. But the guy that owned FASA to begin with has formed his own company and that company is heading this new game it will more than likely be a true "Mechwarrior" game, not some rehashed effort by some company that doesn't know this IP...

This is gonna be awesome!!!

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Doug said...

I'm going to have to try it.

Medal of Honor did the same thing for me as MW for you.