Saturday, July 25, 2009

So This is Just Ridiculous...

So I have been wanting to go to a Lions game ever since they moved to the new Ford Field. Even though the Lions are a pretty pathetic football team, I am still a fan of them.

So I thought that maybe a good idea, mainly just to check out the stadium, was to go and catch a preseason game. On August 29th they are playing one of the other teams I follow, the Indianapolis Colts. So I thought I could get a few things taken care of...I could see the Lions, see the Colts, and see the new stadium all for less than what a regular season game would cost.

The surprise???

The cheapest tickets to go see a Lions preseason game still come in at $50 a piece. The lower bowl tickets were like $75 each. I don't know, but for a preseason game this seems a bit insane. I mean, you want me to spend $50 to go and watch a game where the "best" players are going to play for maybe two quarters at most??? I don't know, it just doesn't really seem worth it to me. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to check the prices of regular season tickets, because they haven't gone on sale yet.

The one thing that I did think was cool...they have a ticket package that comes with the $75 ticket and a voucher for all you can eat food. It costs about $95, but I'm SURE that I could pack in more than $20 worth of food during the course of a football game. That seemed like a pretty good deal, but it's still a ton of money!!!

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