Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kahuna Creations Big Stick...

So I've been using the longboard pretty regularly. I like it quite a bit. It seems to be a pretty good workout, which is nice, but I actually enjoy just getting out and going around the neighborhood.

I like the workout that it gives me, but I started wondering if there was anything that I could do to get any kind of workout for my arms and upper body while I'm doing it?? I ended up looking around for only a few minutes before I found something. It's like a giant paddle with some rubber wheels on the end that are stationary. You use it basically like you would use a paddle on a canoe or on a stand up paddle board (which I also, by the way, think would be awesome to have). You basically put it out in front of you and then "pull" it back like you were paddling a canoe to make yourself go forward. It's supposed to be an excellent workout for your core and your arms...and coupled with the pushing that you can do with the board it's apparently a pretty awesome full body workout.

So I watched some videos of it and thought it might be worth a shot. I ordered one the other day and it should be here in the middle of next week. It's something that is apparently fairly Hawai'ian in nature and from what I am reading most people anywhere outside of California have no clue what it is. So I'm sure I'll get some questions about it.

I plan on using it in conjunction with pushing so that I can get a full body workout while using the longboard. If I find that I'm using more of the stick than I am pushing, I may try to do different things on different, one day do the stick only then the next day do pushing only.

To get an idea of what the Kahuna Big Stick is like...take a look at the video above!!!

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