Friday, July 31, 2009


So I've been in contact with Dave who sold me my Pintail longboard. He's got a new board that he's selling and it looks amazing. Freaky, but amazing.

I'm guessing by the pictures that's called "The Ultimate." It's 14.25" wide, 47" long, and has wheel cutouts not on the sides of the board, but actually in the middle.

From looking at it, I think that it would make a PERFECT board for land paddling. There's plenty of room on it for you to set your feed pretty much however you want. It's probably even wide enough for my feet to be right next to each other.

I'm thinking I might pick it up to use primarily while paddling. Then I would use the Pintail primarily when I push. The two boards would be suited well for these two tasks.

I just really like the way that the thing's AWESOME!!!!

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