Friday, July 3, 2009

Got the Longboard Today...

So today I got the longboard. It took about five days to arrive after I ordered it.

When I opened it, I was immediately impressed by the way it looked. The wheels also really turned easily and seemed to be really smooth.

I tried it out right away. I quickly crashed. Going down the driveway I kept my balance, but I didn't manage to turn enough so I went careening into the grass of the house across the street. A quick ninja roll and I hopped back to my feet...if anyone were watching, it may have even seemed like I meant to do it!!! So I grabbed the board and started heading down the street. Now, my street has a bit of a hill, so I was going down the hill. I didn't really notice it, but I got going at a pretty good clip. When I got to the end of the street, I started running into the same problems that I had going down the driveway...a dead end was coming up and I wasn't turning enough!!! I crashed again...this time literally flying through the air before rolling and bouncing back up.

I started to get a bit better as I messed with it some more. It's actually pretty fun to ride. And I was right about the exercise thing...when I was done tonight, my whole body was pretty sore...but sore in the way that feels good after you've gotten a bit of a workout.

I'll probably try and do it for a little while quite often. It's a blast!! I'm glad I got it...even if I'm not very good at it.

Here is a quick video I made of the board.

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