Friday, April 16, 2010

Balloon School...Update...

I really enjoy the balloon twisting.

I learned a new sculpture tonight, a monkey. It's pretty cool.

I can now do about 8 or 9 different sculptures from memory with no problems. I e-mailed the guy that I had been discussing this on Penguin with, Peter, and he suggested that I get out and try doing it for some random people to see if I make any tips.

I have a Teddy Bear, a Dog, a Giraffe, a Monkey, and a Cat that I can do very well, relatively quickly, and I have them memorized so that I can do them easily without having to reference anything. I can also do a flower and a sword, but those are quite a bit more basic.

Those five sculptures could be a pretty good start for me to star making some tips if I were to go out and try to do this. I'm kind of nervous about that, still, though. I think I will practice a bit more before I end up trying that out. I will need a few more balloons anyways, so that's a good enough excuse for why I can't go and get started yet.

I also need to start seriously thinking about how I'm going to carry the balloons and pump with me. I am thinking of using a messenger bag that Cathy had from school. It would do a great job of holding balloons, it's easy to flip from front (to grab a balloon) to the back (to have it out of the way while twisting) and it looks nice. I figure for attire while doing this, to start, I'll just wear anything that I would normally wear. No reason to go out and get some wacky outfit in order to do this...even though that might draw a bit more attention to me. Well, maybe that would be a good have some attention drawn to me. Who knows. I will just go out in regular clothes to start and see how that goes. I just hope nobody think it's creepy when I walk up around the playground and start blowing up balloons and giving them to kids...

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