Monday, April 26, 2010

Some More Balloon Ideas...

After making my shark, I had a few ideas for what else I could do with the general design.

Tonight I gave them a try.

My first idea was to modify the tail of the shark with a third fin, making it look like the tail of an airplane. Then I was going to extend the side fins out and remove the dorsal fin, so that it looked like wings on a plane. It was going to be a fighter plane. Unfortunately, it didn't end up working out very well. The wings wouldn't stay off to the sides. Apparently the dorsal fin on the shark keeps the side fins from moving to strange angles. So the fighter plane didn't work out. I have another idea that might work, but I'll have to give it a try some other time. I don't feel like wasting any more balloons on trying it right now.

My second idea was to use the same shark, but modify it's head so that it looked like a hammerhead shark. It actually worked out pretty well. Unfortunately, his tail popped before I could get a picture of him and I didn't want to make another one just for the photo. He's not QUITE as good as the original shark...basically, you can tell he's a hammerhead shark if you KNOW he's a hammerhead shark. But just looking at him might make some people wonder what he is. He's good, but not as good as the original shark.

I also had another idea to do with the large 5 balloon tiger that I wrote about the other day. I'm planning on making another one, only this time adding a sixth balloon to him. I will use a white balloon and put it right down the front center of him, so that it looks like he's got a white belly. I might give that one a try tomorrow...I think it will turn out pretty well. I also have an idea to make his arms look a little bit less stick figure like. I'm not sure why his arms weren't done this way to begin with, because I think it would look quite a bit more natural.

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