Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Tonight I started watching my "Balloon School" DVD.

It's GREAT. Joe Montella is a great teacher. His pace is good, his teaching style is fun, and he does a great job of getting his point across.

After learning just two basic twists, I realized that I had unknowingly learned everything I needed to know to do a beginning sculpture. So I paused the DVD and gave it a shot. A few minutes later, I had what was obviously a dog made out of a single balloon. Success!!!!

What's amazing about this skill/hobby/art is that you can do just about anything with only four or five different twists. I would have thought that there would be lots of things you would have to learn, but there really aren't.

After learning all the basic twists tonight, I shut off the DVD so that I could get started on the next section, which focuses on actual sculptures, over the next couple of days.

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