Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Nike Golf Commercial...

That's the voice of Tiger's dad, Earl.

I'm not sure where they got that audio clip from, but it couldn't possibly fit the situation that Tiger has gotten himself into over the last 6 months any better.

Tiger Woods remains my favorite golfer. I am one of the people that never really viewed him as a "good guy," or a "role model," or a "positive influence on those around him." He never seemed like that kind of guy to me...that's what the media apparently wanted everyone to think of him, however.

To me, he was always kind of aloof. He was completely arrogant. He was a jerk.

But you know what?? Those things were what made him the ultimate competitor. He was all business on the course, all the time. Sure, we got a few glimpses of him when he wasn't being a predator on the golf his win after his father passed away. But those moments were far overshadowed by the images of him swearing at himself, shouting at his clubs, or slamming his clubs around. I think those images tell more about him as a person than anything else. Fiercely competitive, refusing to lose, getting angry in defeat. I imagine that those traits that he has on the golf course weren't being left on the course. He was taking those attributes with him off the course, and ultimately that led to what we have all seen over the course of the last few months.

This leads me to another point. What Tiger Woods did off the course will be forgiven and forgotten by his fans. Tom Brady left his pregnant girlfriend to be with a supermodel and nobody cared once he started tossing TDs again. Kobe Bryant, by most accounts, raped a girl in a hotel and nobody cared once he started dominating the hardwood again. The same will go for Tiger. I have felt for a while that the easiest way for him to put this past him, if that's what he wants to do, is to get back on the course. As soon as he starts hitting golf balls 300 yards into a tiny hole again, people will quickly forget what he has done this past winter. That's what we do as Americans...we forgive. We give second chances...and third chances.

To me, I have never once thought about not being a fan of Tiger Woods. What he does off the course, in my opinion, is his own business and shouldn't be subjected to public scrutiny. I am a fan of Tiger Woods for his ability as a golfer...not for his moral issues as a man. With that said, I am extremely excited to see him get back out on the golf course. I think it will be good for him, and is a big step towards him getting forgiveness from any public figures that he feels he needs forgiveness from.

Now, the biggest question...what if he wins??? According to his practice partners, he's been playing better golf since getting back into the swing of things than they've ever seen him play. What if he wins?? How will the public react to that?? How will the media react?? Will the new, humble, more human Tiger Woods be put back up onto a pedestal?? Or will people look at him and realize that he's two things at once...the Greatest Golfer Ever AND a human being that has some personal and private issues that he says he's working on??

But anyways...I'm rambling. I look forward to seeing him on the tee. So does the PGA.

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Doug said...

Golf, competition, media / money wise, and arrogance wise, I couldn't agree with you more.

Tiger is who he is and, in part successful because of it...

Off course activities don't have anything to do with golf. Pun intended.

It's just that my moral compass is a bit bigger than others and although he is the greatest golfer in the world and I enjoy the game and watching him play...

I think I'll route for Phil this time around.

And yes, good guys finish last...