Monday, April 5, 2010

Just a BIT Irritated Today...

So... was supposed to be a good day. Cathy and I got out of work early because she had some time off award hours that she needed to use in the next few weeks, so we figured why not give ourselves a jump start on the weekend??

So we left work at 3:30 and headed to Dick's Sporting Goods so Cathy could check out some adjustable dumbbells that were there. All is going well so far.

On the way home I figured I'd call Sears Optical to see if my glasses were there yet. It has been 15 days since I went to get my glasses, and they said that they would be in "in 10-14 days." So, 15 is more than all of that, so you'd think they'd be in, right?? Wrong. The lady said that they weren't in. She then told me that they were taking about 10-14 days to come in...which is when I mentioned that I had purchased them 15 days ago. She then responded with "Well, there was a holiday." As if Easter Sunday sets them back another month or two on production. Whatever. Hopefully they'll come in sometime in the next few days, but I'm not going to be holding my breath. So now I'm just a bit irritated.

I figure it will be okay, because the Power 90 program I ordered last Thursday should be there when I get home. I paid $13 for shipping and had a free upgrade to express shipping that would normally cost $15 extra. I figured that $28 worth of shipping should probably make it to my home in five days. Especially when it's being shipped from Columbus, Ohio...which is like 4 hours from my house. So I get home, and no package. Alright, whatever, it will be here soon. I then check the status of the shipping, which is when I find out that the package wasn't even actually shipped until TODAY. I can tell you what...for $13 shipping, I expect a package to be sent out in less than 4 days. When that includes a $15 "upgrade," I expect it to be at my HOUSE in 4 days. I would be absolutely LIVID if I had actually PAID $28 shipping to NOT have a package at my house in 4 days. So I have no idea when it's going to be here now. I was hoping to get started on it tomorrow, but that's probably out of the question now. So now I'm a bit angry.

Well, all of this was before we went down to let the dogs out. When we got down there, Cooper had gotten sick in his crate. That's not that big of a deal...a bit annoying, but you can't get mad when an animal gets sick. So I cleaned up his mess and made a plan to have dinner and then clean out all three crates and replace the bedding that was in them with new bedding so that they all have nice clean crates. So I take a nap while Cathy makes dinner. When we get done with dinner I go down and get to work on cleaning out the crates. Cathy comes down to help. When we get done we go back upstairs, only to discover that one of the dogs (I think Cooper) had decided it would be a great idea to pee all over our couch. And when I say all over our couch, I mean all over our couch. It was all over both cushions that you sit on, both cushions that you lean on, and all over the arm on one side of the couch. So now my transition from slightly irritated at Sears to completely irate is complete.

I start trying to clean up the couch, and realize that it's basically a useless effort. Cathy and I took about five minutes to decide we were heading to the store to find something to replace it with. We ended up going to Target and for around $200 we got a folding sofa couch bed type thing. It's like a futon but the sides fold up to make arms. We ended up preparing for the next inevitable accident that comes with owning three dogs and a cat...and got a nice waterproof mattress pad to go on the thing, and a sheet to go over the top of that. So, our plan is to take the pad and sheet off of it whenever we have company so that we have a nice place for people to sit...but when we don't have company (which is 99.999% of the time) we have the pad on it, the sheet on it, and it's folded completely flat for...a GIANT dog bed!!!!

The dogs seem to like it, which I guess is a good thing. At least with the protection that we've put on it there's not much way that it's going to get ruined by them. But that still doesn't change the fact that today was pretty irritating.

Now, let's just see if Butler can knock off Duke, and hopefully make me take a step back in a good direction!!!

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