Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Goal Met, and Some New Challenges...

Today was the day.

I hit my goal of 230 pounds. I set that goal on February 27th. At that time I weighed about 242 pounds. That means that in 38 days I lost 12 pounds by doing nothing other than eating a bit better and cutting soda out of my diet. I didn't go on an aggressive diet. I didn't starve myself. I simply cut my portions back a bit and cut out that soda. I even binged a few times on things that I shouldn't have...two or three cinnamon rolls, a bag of chips, things like that.

Think about that...12 pounds in 38 days. That's about 1 pound every 3 days. That's amazing. Think about what would happen if I actually started working out to go along with it??

Which brings me to my new challenges.

Power 90 came today. I went ahead and did all of the pre-work. I measured everything on myself it told me to measure. I weighed myself. I got my body fat percentage. I took some before photos. I read through the manual. I read through the recipe book.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I start my 90 day boot camp. I am looking forward to it, but nervous at the same time. I don't particularly like exercising, but hopefully as I get into it more I will like it more. Regardless, I AM going to do this. Ninety days?? That's only three months. That's cake. Day one is basically just a walk through of the first DVD. Day two is a walk through of the second DVD. After that, it's really time to get down to business.

The best part about the Power 90 package?? Some of the suggested meals that are in the recipe book look really good!!! There are two chicken recipes that I REALLY want to try, and a recipe for some homemade french fries that looks great!!! I think that for my first day on the plan, I'm going to try to make one of the chicken recipes.

My first goal with the plan?? Get down to 220 pounds. It took me 38 days to lose 12 pounds without any working out. I'm hoping to get down to 220 in less than half of that with the Power 90.

I plan on coupling the Power 90 with some extra cardio stuff, like my Paddle Boarding or bicycling. I got the board out today, and in just the short ride that I took it really kicked my butt!!!

Pretty soon, it will be ME that's doing the butt kicking!!!

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Doug said...

Excellent progress!

There are a ton of people on that P90 kick. I personally have not tried it but know lots who have.

Congratulations and I think I'll stay away from Mich...

My butt gets kicked around enough down here in VA...