Thursday, April 15, 2010

To-Do List Update...

Back on March 24th I made a post about my Spring To-Do List.

Well, yesterday I made some more progress on it. This was on the list:

3. This is probably my most significant project. We have a small circle garden in the back yard that is overgrown with weeds. Cathy's mom used to use it as a garden...but neither of us are into that so our plan for now is to basically just level it. After that we're going to put down some of the weed guard stuff and then put a nice thick layer of wood chips over it. Once we've got that down and on the ground, we'll go about getting ourselves one of those nice outdoor fireplace type of things and have that right in the center of the area. We'll then add a couple of nice chairs to it and have a nice place to sit and have a fire at night if we want to. The last part of this project that I want to do...which will probably be the most getting three 8 foot lengths of some kind of privacy fence up behind the area. The reason for this is because the bushes that are about 5 feet away from this area of the back yard is a place that wasps really like to make nests in. The last thing that I want is to be out trying to enjoy a nice fire only to get attacked by angry wasps. So we'll have to either buy a few 8 foot sections of fencing, or make them ourselves. I would LIKE to make some out of bamboo, but I don't think that's going to be very feasible as far as the cost goes. What more than likely will happen is we'll just find whatever 8 foot section of fencing is the least expensive and then go with that.
So while I was mowing on Wednesday, I went ahead and hacked all of the plants, weeds, and everything else that was standing in the garden down. All of it. I got it down so that there's literally nothing left.

I was going to go ahead and spray the weed killer on it as well, but of course when I went to do that our spray bottle was broken, so I couldn't actually spray anything. No big deal, we'll get a new one in the next week or so and then spray all of the stuff that's still alive, but hacked down, to make sure that it doesn't grow back. Then we'll go ahead and put the weed blocker down. After that, we'll just need a nice truck load of mulch and it'll be pretty much done.

I thought it would be quite a bit more difficult than it was...but the riding mower literally leveled the stuff in the garden, which makes the project immensely easier.

I look forward to getting back to work on it in the next week or so.

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