Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day Two...

So I finished my first two workouts on Power 90.

Day one was "Sculpt 1/2." It's a weight lifting routine that uses free weights, along with some body weight things like push-ups and such.

I didn't have too many problems at least DOING the exercises. I might not have gotten all of the reps that the target is on a couple of them, but on the first day you're supposed to just kind of learn what types of things you'll be doing.

I was using 10 pounds on each side, which seemed to be pretty good for me. A few of the exercises I easily could have used more weight. Mainly the leg exercises. But a couple of them got me pretty tired even with only the 10 pound weights.

I woke up today (did Day One yesterday) pretty sore. I could definitely feel the workout from the previous day.

So then tonight when I got home from work I went to work on Day 2, which is "Sweat 1/2." It's a cardio routine. I got through most of it...except the Yoga at the beginning. I simply couldn't do some of the poses. I found that it kind of hurt some of the areas that I was sore from the day before. I tried them all, but couldn't do them all.

I then moved on to the standard cardio and had pretty good luck with that. There were some things that I did significantly more slowly than the instructors on the DVD, but overall I think I kept moving the entire time, which is what they say to do if you can't do everything the whole time.

I found that I didn't sweat quite as much as I had hoped I hopefully as I get a bit more intense with it I'll start sweating more, and hopefully burning off some more calories.

The nice thing about the cardio workout is it helped my sore muscles loosen up a bit. I don't feel nearly as sore as I did earlier in the day, so that's a good thing.

Tomorrow it's back to sculpting and the weight lifting. I'm looking forward to Day 7...which is rest.

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