Friday, April 17, 2009

Bicycle Ride Ends Horribly...

So Cathy and I went for a short bicycle ride today. I got the bikes down and got the tires inflated and off we went.

So we went around the neighborhood a little bit. We were only gone about 20 minutes or so then we headed home. When we left we had closed the garage. So I entered the code to the garage and we parked the bikes.

We went to go into the house, and that's when the disaster started to happen.

Dillon does this thing when he hears the garage open where he starts jumping up on the door. Sometimes he manages to actually lock the door when he does this.

So this was one of those times when he locked the door. Normally it's not that big of a deal, we just grab the keys and go in the front door. But this time, it was a bit different, because we didn't HAVE the keys to the door.

So I spent a few minutes trying to get the door unlocked with just some random keys...but it was to no avail. So I got an idea, and in retrospect it was probably a pretty horrible idea.

I grabbed the ladder and went into the attic access that is in the garage. My plan was to travel along the beams in the top of the ceilings and go down into the house through the attic access that's in the bedroom. This idea was a good theory.

I ended up getting up into the attic without much of a problem. But as soon as I stepped on the first beam, it turned out to not actually be a beam at all. It was actually just a 2 by 4 that was sitting in the attic in the exact same direction as the beams. So of course half of my weight has now been placed on a 2 by 4 that is on top of nothing but dry wall, and hooked to nothing at all.

Can you guess what happened?? You're right, I went right through the ceiling of the garage. Luckily, I actually landed ON a support beam...but I landed on it with my legs on opposite sides of it. Yah, it hurt. Fortunately I managed to land with most of my weight on the inside of my left leg, and I now have a huge bruise to show for it.

Well, while all that was occurring, the biggest piece of drywall that came crashing down managed to land right on Cathy's hand while she was holding the ladder. It cut her pretty good, and it was pretty deep. I think she's fine though, because the cut looks like it's just a giant paper cut. We got some of that liquid bandage's like glue...for it and it seems to be doing better.

When I realized that she was cut pretty bad, I decided that we had to get into the house. I grabbed my rubber mallet and hit the window on the door. Amazingly, it didn't break. I pounded on the window a couple more times to no luck. I guess it's made out of bullet proof glass or something. I then got a new idea. I started beating the door knob with the mallet. After about 10 whacks it finally came off enough for me to get the door opened. Cathy then went and cleaned up her cut.

After all of this, I ended up having to buy a new doorknob. It cost $15. Hindsight, of course is 20/20, but that $15 would have been the easiest way to get into the house. I should've just pounded it off in the first place. But instead, now, I spent the $15 on the doorknob and I also need to fix the drywall in the ceiling of the garage. I guess the only good thing about the ceiling is the fact that the drywall broke pretty cleanly, so I'm probably going to be able to just nail it back up there and then patch it up and it'll be good to go.

So, the moral of this story is: Don't climb through a ceiling when you can just beat a doorknob to death.

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Doug said...

It always looks easier when Sam Fisher does it... ;-)

Hope everyone recovers quickly.