Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ordered the PC...

So I went ahead and ordered the PC. I just put it on my Dell card, which worked out because it has a 0% interest deal on XPS computers right now for 18 months. So I won't get charged any interest at all on the computer as long as I get it paid off in that time.

It works out pretty well, because Cathy had put the Suzuki on her credit card when I got it, and I owed her money for the bike. The PC is about the same price as the bike, so we're going to just have me pay the card and now I don't owe her anything for the Suzuki.

I ended up souping it up a little bit, because that's just what I do. I can't leave well enough alone. I ended up going with the upgraded graphics card...the ATI Radeon HD4850. It's a 512mb graphics card. It got really good reviews from everything that I found, so it should last us quite a while. It also makes it so that the PC can play literally ANY game on the market right now...which means it should absolutely smoke Diablo 3's requirements when it comes out. That, and the card just looks cool...I also ended up going with a nice 2.1 sound system for the computer. It's a Dell A525 system that comes with two satellite speakers and a nice large subwoofer to round out the sound. Oddly enough, it was less expensive to purchase the speakers separately as an item than to add them in as a bundle with the PC purchase. They also got good reviews and were a great price. They also look pretty cool. In a rather lame turn of events, Dell doesn't ship "gaming PCs" with keyboards or a mouse. Well, I guess it has a mouse, but it looks to be the cheapest mouse ever. I decided NOT to add any keyboard or mouse at this time because I figured Cathy would want to go and play with some of them at Best Buy or whatever before deciding on a model. I don't really think she'll want a "gaming keyboard" or a "gaming mouse," but she might want something a little bit nicer than the standard stuff we've got now. Who knows though, the stuff we have now should work perfectly with it, so maybe we'll just use that. I guess I just figured since it's going to be a nice shiney new computer and monitor and speakers, that maybe a nice shiney new mouse and keyboard should go with it.

Lastly, with the purcahse, for myself I ordered the Sony eReader PRS-505. It's like the Amazon Kindle that I had been looking at, but by Sony. It's a bit smaller, sleeker looking, and was less expensive to begin with. Couple that with the fact that Dell had a good deal on it and I figured I might as well throw it in the package.

The shipping dates on the things range from May 6th for the read to May 11th for the PC. So hopefully we should have everything within the next two weeks!!

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