Saturday, April 25, 2009

So Far, So Good...

So, since the run of horrible things that happened last week, this week has been quite a bit more relaxing and normal.

On our three days off this week, nothing bad all. So that's definitely a step forward from the everything that was going wrong last week.

We made it to the Conchords show without much of a problem. We got turned around for just a moment, but that wasn't really bad at all. So basically, this week so far has been the opposite of last week.

We go back to work tomorrow for a day, then have a day off again. On that day off I think I'm going to mow the that will be interesting...we'll see if the lawn mower decides that it wants to start or not. I haven't had much trouble with it the last few years, so I'm hoping that this year will be the same.

Hopefully we don't end up having another week like that for a good long time!!!

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