Thursday, April 30, 2009

Much to My Surprise...

...the Sony eReader showed up today!!

It wasn't supposed to be delivered until May 6th, but it arrived on my doorstep today via UPS. That's awesomely fast shipping. I just ordered it at midnight on Tuesday basically it took only one day to get to me.

I got it out of the package and was instantly impressed. It's small and light, and looks really sleek. It's made out of what appears to be aluminum and it weighs only about 9 ounces or so.

It comes in a nifty little leather binder type thing to keep it protected. I have to say, the screen is absolutely amazing. If you've never gotten a chance to look at one of these reader devices, you need to check one out when you get a chance. It literally looks just like a books page.

Luckily, last night I downloaded the Sony Ebook software and got my first book. They had a few books listed for free on there, and I picked one of them up and downloaded it. I easily transferred it to the PRS-505 today in only seconds. The software and moving of the books is remarkably similar to putting songs on an iPod.

So far I'm pretty impressed by the device...

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